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Many comic fans spend years if not decades following the defeats and triumphs of their favorite character or team of superheroes.  The adventures of fans heroes’ lay with the imaginative writers who carry on the lore of legendary greats. Unfortunately the fates of these countless stories are destined to be stowed away in an obscure closet in
cardboard box. 

Supercomicbox was inspired with the concept of integrating the adventures of long favorite heroes into small centerpieces in the home or office.  Handsome wood storage boxes were designed to be integrated as additions to compliment a private library, desk or shelf. Each box is commissioned with an image to enhance the fans collection.
This is truly a unique storage solution that any comic enthusiast will enjoy.

Each box is designed, cut and crafted in the Pacific Northwest in Tacoma, WA.

The most popular size is 11.25” tall and 12.5” wide. This will generally store 100 bagged and boarded standard comic books. The boxes have slotted sides to assist in safely moving one’s collection. The boxes are generally stained to the appearance of dark cherry, but can be made to specification. Each box runs $60 plus shipping.

Additional sizes and appearances may be commissioned upon consideration. Please fill out the contact form with your request.  Bear in mind this is a part time business.  Supercomicbox will attempt to respond to all requests as soon as possible. Any requests for images deemed obscene will be ignored.